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Six tricks to sharpen the reel of your reelmower


Keep the bedknife with the reel.
Especially with bigger reels, the bedknife will be slightly bend by the extensive use. It is important to keep the bedknife with the reel the same reel to ensure it wil fit back on the machine.
After setting up the reel, finetune it
When you have sharpened and set up the reel, then you fine tune the reel and the bedknife (twist the adjustment knob half a turn). Transportation could cause the reel to be put under tension when it is mounted on the machine.
Firstly put the scraper wire under tension, before you adjust the reel.
Some reels have a frame that is less stable. If you put the scraper wire under tension after adjusting the reel, this could mess up the adjustments. Test if the scraper wire is correctly adjusted with our convenient paper strips. You can order them for free on our website