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hydraulic filter HF6504

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Article details

Article number HF6504
Brand Fleetguard

Technical details

Thread type 1-12 UNF-2B
Gasket inner diameter 62.5
Gasket outer diameter 71.9
Height 147.6
Outside diameter 93.2
Standard delivery, 1-2 workdays
Express delivery, in 24 hours
Discount, for companies
Favorable, prices

Product description

Product description

Fleetguard hydraulic filter HF6504

In a hydraulic system, oil ensures the transmission of the forces. In almost all cases, a defect in the system is initially caused by contaminated oil. The particles that are caused by wear and tear are absorbed by the oil. Fleetguards hydraulic filter with number HF6504 filters the pollution out of the oil. The result is a hydraulic system that is less likely to fail because the harmful particles gradually remain in the fine membrane of the filter. Check the parts manual to make sure the filter with item number HF6504 is appropriate for the machine.

Replacement of the Fleetguard Hydraulic Filter HF6504

Make sure to replace the filter in a timely manner. To ensure good filtration, it is best to replace the filters with a high-quality filter such as the Fleetguard filter. The location of the hydraulic filter depends on the type of machine and the location of the hydraulic system. For the periodic interval for replacing the filter and the location of the hydraulic filter on the machine, check out the parts book.

The height of the product is 147,57 mm. The filter has an outer diameter of 93,22 mm.

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