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Blade, right model fitting for Zappator Z2-Z3 - 808-ZAP-06R

Blade, right model fitting for Zappator Z2-Z3 - 808-ZAP-06R

Technical details

Article number 808-ZAP-06R
Brand RDM Parts

Replace original number

S.M.A. Schraube: 1001490 Mutter: 102421
Zappator Z2-Z3

Technical details

Mounting Right
Wideness 40
Suitable for brand Zappator
Material Tickness 8
Bolt hole diameter 10.5
Lengte 158
Standard delivery, 1-2 workdays
Express delivery, in 24 hours
Discount, for companies
Favorable, prices

Product description

Product description

Z2-Z3 blades for the zappator machine

The Z2-Z3 is a blade for a rotary tiller from zappator. For these machines, RDM Parts has a fitting alternative in the 808-ZAP-06R blades.

Mounting the blades

The Z2-Z3 and our fitting alternative 808-ZAP-06R are secured in place with a bolt. Tiller blades have a set direction to turn because of the placement of the blades edge. The 808-ZAP-06R should therefore be placed on the right side to rotate correctly. The tiller blades are mounted in an alternating way.

Specifications of the Z2-Z3 and the 808-ZAP-06R

The original part for Blade, right model fitting for Zappator Z2-Z3 has a comparable length as our fitting original with number 808-ZAP-06R. With its 158 millimeter it is a good alternative to the original. The original and the part from RDM Parts 808-ZAP-06R are equal in width. The parts is equal in width, 40 millimeter to be exact. In a general sense you can assume that a thicker product is better able to cope with wear and tear. 8 millimeter thick is the Blade, right model fitting for Zappator Z2-Z3 from zappator with the original part number Z2-Z3. The alternative that is offered by RDM Parts with number 808-ZAP-06R has an equal thickness and is thus a suitable alternative for the original. The distance between the two mounting holes is also called the hole spacing. With these holes the part can be attached to the machine. To get it tightly fit, the distance between the holes on the new part and the old part should be equal. The hole spacing of this Blade, right model fitting for Zappator Z2-Z3 808-ZAP-06R is 33 millimeter. The mounting holes of the 808-ZAP-06R have a diameter of 10,5 millimeter. With a bolt the part is attached through the mounting hole to the machine. Some parts have two or more mounting holes to fix it to the machine.

On what machines does the 808-ZAP-06R fit?

Comparable to the original with number Z2-Z3 the 808-ZAP-06R fits for the machines of zappator. The 808-ZAP-06R is fitting for these parts: S.M.A. Schraube: 1001490 Mutter: 102421, and Zappator Z2-Z3.

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