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Blade, left model fitting for Rabe 8415.42.02 - 808-RAB-04L

Blade, left model fitting for Rabe 8415.42.02 - 808-RAB-04L

Technical details

Article number 808-RAB-04L
Brand Industriehof

Technical details

Wideness 80
Mounting Left
Suitable for brand Rabe
Bolt hole diameter 16.5
Lengte 200
Material Tickness 8
Standard delivery, 1-2 workdays
Express delivery, in 24 hours
Discount, for companies
Favorable, prices

Product description

Product description

8415.42.02 blades for the rabe machine

The 8415.42.02 is a blade for a rotary tiller from rabe. For these machines, RDM Parts has a fitting alternative in the 808-RAB-04L blades.

Mounting the tiller blades

To mount the 808-RAB-04L and the original 8415.42.02 you need to use assembly materials like a bolt. The rotation direction is also of importance when seeing if a part will fit on the assembly point in mind. In case of the 808-RAB-04L and the original counterpart, they are placed at the left side. The tiller blades are mounted in an alternating way.

Specifications of the 8415.42.02 and the 808-RAB-04L

The Blade, left model fitting for Rabe 8415.42.02 from rabe is just as long as the 808-RAB-04L from RDM Parts. The product is thus 200 millimeter long and is a fitting replacement for your machinery. The width of the 808-RAB-04L is equal to the original. The width measures 80 millimeter. The thickness of the Blade, left model fitting for Rabe 8415.42.02 is important for the way the part fits on the machine. The 8415.42.02 from rabe has a thickness of 8 millimeter. The part can be replaced with the parts from RDM Parts because it has a comparable thickness. The hole spacing measures the distance between the two mounting holes on the Blade, left model fitting for Rabe 8415.42.02. These mounting holes ensure a strong connection of the part to the rabe machinery. The distance has to correspond with the replacement part else it won’t fit for the machine that it has to be mounted on. The hole spacing of the 808-RAB-04L from RDM Parts is equal to the original with number 8415.42.02 and the distance measures 59 millimeter. The mounting holes of the 808-RAB-04L have a diameter of 16,5 millimeter. The mounting holes help to make a connection between the part and the machine. Some parts have two or more mounting holes to fix it to the machine.

On what machines does the 808-RAB-04L fit?

the 808-RAB-04L and 8415.42.02 fit on rabe machinery. The machine types that they are suitable for are the: rabe.

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