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Pruning hammer fitting for 4000243 from Mc Connel - 808-63-RM-81

Pruning hammer fitting for 4000243 from Mc Connel - 808-63-RM-81
Article number 808-63-RM-81
Brand RDM Parts

Replace original number

Mc Connel 7190117

Technical details

Total length L
Mounting diameter 10
Wideness 62
Suitable for brand Mc Connel
Bolt hole diameter 14
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Product description

4000243 flails for Mc Connel machines

With a powerful sweep the flail cuts grass or other vegetation in pieces. For the Mc Connel RDM Parts has a flail that works in a similar way as the original, our alternative for this has number 63-RM-81

Mounting 63-RM-81 flails

Flails are placed on a roll that spins fast so the flails are hurled around with a lot of power. Depending on the kind of flail, these are fixed to the roll or they are extended with a series of shackles.

Specifications of the 4000243 and the 63-RM-81

The radius of this 4000243 flail, measured from the core of the mounting hole is 88 millimetre.This way it can be measured on what distance the flail should be operated. The mounting holles of the 808-63-RM-81 have a diameter of 14 milimetre.The mounting holes help to make a connection between the part and the machine.For some parts there are multiple mounting holes to mount the part.

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