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     - 0104-0001
    Blade calibrated left - 0104-0001
    • Article number: 0104-0001
     - 0106-0001
    Friction ring - 0106-0001
    • Article number: 0106-0001
     - 0104-0005
    Milling hook 10mm - 0104-0005
    • Article number: 0104-0005
     - 0113-0001
    Filterzak Quick clean - 0113-0001
    • Article number: 0113-0001
     - 0103-0001
    carifying knife 3mm hard metal - 0103-0001
    • Article number: 0103-0001
     - 0103-0002
    scarifying knife 2mm hard metal - 0103-0002
    • Article number: 0103-0002
     - 0105-0001
    Kouter 12mm - 0105-0001
    • Article number: 0105-0001
     - 0104-0006
    Milling hook 8mm - 0104-0006
    • Article number: 0104-0006
     - 0104-0003
    Hybrid milling cutter 40mm CB - 0104-0003
    • Article number: 0104-0003
     - 0115-0001
    Freesbout M12x1,25x35 + Moer - 0115-0001
    • Article number: 0115-0001
     - 0114-0004
    Messchijf Evolvent TopAir - 0114-0004
    • Article number: 0114-0004
     - 0103-0003
    Verticuteermes 4mm Hardmetaal punt - 0103-0003
    • Article number: 0103-0003
     - 0112-0002
    Windvaan links RVS - 0112-0002
    • Article number: 0112-0002
     - 0111-0005
    Veertand 4mm - 0111-0005
    • Article number: 0111-0005
     - 0104-0002
    Blade calibrated right - 0104-0002
    • Article number: 0104-0002
     - 0115-0004
    Freesbout M10x1,25x30 10.9 + Moer - 0115-0004
    • Article number: 0115-0004
     - 0112-0001
    Windvaan rechts RVS - 0112-0001
    • Article number: 0112-0001
     - 0116-0001
    Freesbeitel 40mm dubbel hardmetaal - 0116-0001
    • Article number: 0116-0001
     - 0115-0002
    Freesbout M12x1,25x50 + Moer - 0115-0002
    • Article number: 0115-0002
     - 0105-0002
    Coulter 15mm - 0105-0002
    • Article number: 0105-0002
     - 0111-0002
    Veertand 3mm - 0111-0002
    • Article number: 0111-0002

    GKB machine parts

    GKB makes specialised machinery and tools to maintain sports pitches made from grass or artificial grass. The machines are also frequently used on and around golf courses. At RDM Parts we have several parts and wear parts that fit on GKB machinery

    GKB fraise mowers

    Depending on the job you have to do GKB has several fraise mowers in de Combinator segment. These have a working width between 120 centimetres and 240 centimetres. The harrows can be equipped with several kinds of blades that give different kind of results. Like a complete removal of the top layer of the sport spitch to scarifying the surface. The leftover material is transported by conveyor to a container. The VStrong scarifyers work in a similar way as the Combinator. The working depth is less.

    The fraise mowers and scarifyers of GKB are driven with a PTO shaft. Depending on the working width the driving machine should be scaled up.

    GKB Dressers

    Bare spots on the sports pitch can create uneven chances. A dresser can be used to get rid of these bare spots and prevent them. GKB has made a machine called Ecodresser. This machine combines aeration, dressing and seeding. To create optimal circumstances for grass to develop.

    GKB Spreaders & sanders

    Sand is the base of many sport pitches and golf courses. If there are problems with the terrain in many cases this is cured with sand. If this is applied in a proper manner. Spreaders evenly spread the sand on the field. The spreaders of GKB can be mounted on several machines. From Gator to tractor. It is however dependent on the size of the GKB spreader.

    GKB also has a solution for sports pitches that have water problems. The Drainmaster makes a slot in the field and fills this with sand. This makes a draining system that runs parallel to the existing draining slots. This way the excess water that lies on the sports pitch can enter the soil easily.

    GKB Brushes

    For maintenance on (artificial) grass you often end up with brushes. They are used to spread sand and infill. They are also crucial for cleaning the edges of the sports pitches. The brushes come in several shapes and sizes. There are rotating brushes and drag brushes. Which of these brushes you need depends on the way you want to cultivate the (artificial) grass field. Machinery from GKB for these applications are the Rotobrush, the Quick-Clean, the Quick-Brush and the Tbrush. For a full renovation of the (artificial)grass pitch you can use the Renovator.

    GKB aerator

    The aerator from GKB is not your average aerator. This is specially designed for use on artificial grass fields. Like a sport field from ordinary grass the top layer of artificial grass, that exists out of infill or other fibers, suffers from compacting. This makes the pitch very hard. The grip has also changed which causes sprains and other injuries.

    GKB machine specificaties

    The machinery of GKB is available in several sizes and working widths to maximise efficiency. It is vital to have a good look at the capacity of the machine that powers the tools. The bigger and heavier the GKB machinery the more horsepowers are needed to drive it.