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Wear parts

The wear parts of your machine will slowly wear down whilst in operation. To keep your machine in optimal working condition it is handy to replaced he wear parts when they are worn down. RDM Parts has multiple wear parts in stock and can ensure a quick delivery of these parts.

Wear parts for power harrows

Rotary harrow tines are the working parts of the rotary harrow. When ploughing the tines hit stone and other hard materials. This causes them to wear down after a while. Worn down tines can cause machine malfunction, increased fuel consumption or unsatisfying operational results. Ensure you replace your rotary harrow tines in time.

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Wear parts for reel mowers

The reel of a reel mower is subject to wear and tear due to the impact that vegetation and stones have on the blades edge of the cylinder. After use a reel can be sharpened mutiple times. Eventually this will cause the reel to be too small for the mowing unit or it won’t fit compared to the bed knife. In this case it is time to replace the reel with a new one.

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Wear parts for spike rotor cultivators

Comparable with the rotary harrows the blades of a cultivator wear down because of soil, hard materials and stones. These make the blade dull over time because they damage the blades edge. When a blade is dull and can’t be sharpened it is advisable to mount a new wear part.

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Wear parts for flail mowers

Flail mowers have rotating flails to mow grass and other plants. Often the flails are strengthened with a carbide tip because they are often used to mow vegetation that is rough and strong. Still these robust parts wear down during operation. We advise you to replace the flails every now and then to retain an optimal mowing result.

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Wear parts for aerators

Aerating tines are pressed in the soil with much power to make holes for nutrients and water to reach the roots of plants. During the aeration the tine comes into contact with roots, soil and stone. This damages the tine over time. Depending on the way you want to cultivate the soil there are several options when considering aeration tines. There are crosstines, hollow tines, solid tines, side eject tines and flat tines. Most of the tines need to be attached using an adapter.

There are more ways to aerate your pitch besides with the use of an aerator. You could also use a groomers or scarifying and verticut blades. These wear parts are less invasive ways to remove plant leftovers from the soil. This makes the soil reachable for water and nutrients.

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Questions about wear parts?

are you looking for wear parts for your machinery, but are you unable to find them? Or do you want more information about the wear parts from RDM Parts? Contact our product specialists they will help you with anything you need to know about our stock.