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Ommas freesmes onderdelen

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    Tiller blades and accessories for your Ommas machine

    RDM Pars has wearing parts that fit your Ommas rotary tiller. If parts wear down it will cause your machine to lack performance. Dulling of your Tiller blades is caused by the contact with soil and stones. Find the right parts with the parts manual of your Ommas.

    attach Tiller blades to your Ommas machinery

    Alternating the blades of the rotary tiller ensures optimal processing of the soil. This makes half of the blades tillers left and the other half of the tiller blades right. The cuttings surface of the tiller blade is placed in a way that it can only be attached one way. Check if the blade turns right or left when you replace the blade.

    The shape of tiller blades

    Check the shape of your Ommas tiller blades, these determine how much force is needed to power them. There are C shaped tiller blades that have a gradual bend and L shaped blades that have a sharp band. This blade in C shape is mostly used at deeper tilling depts

    The perpendicular L shaped tiller blade from Ommas needs more power from the machine. This means that the blade needs more power to process the soil. At shallow depts of less than 5 centimetres the L shaped blade is often used. A clear advantage of the blade is that it prevents soil compacting.

    Choosing the right blade for your Ommas rotary tiller

    Handy filters help you with finding the right tiller blades for your Ommas machinery. There are a couple of factors that determine if the blade fits, like: the distance between the connection holes and the width of the blade. The tilling dept and the limits of your machinery determine the length of the blade.